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Make sure you get the information you need to build healthy, organic soil.

One of the first, and most important, steps to achieving healthy, organic soil is Soil Testing. At Organic Solutions, Inc., we use state-of-the-art soil analysis to help us identify soil deficiencies and excesses -- which provides the necessary information for us to then build a customized approach and solution to create the perfect Soil Web for your property.

A successful landscape or garden maintenance program must first strive to create a fertile soil. The goal of a sustainable fertility program is to activate a favorable environment for plants and millions of beneficial organisms. These microscopic helpers assist plants in obtaining moisture and nutrients. Many of these creatures help resist drought and fight off a variety of pests including weeds, diseases, and insects.

A soil fertility program should feed the soil not the plant. By creating a fertile soil you will grow healthy, pest resistant plants. As a result, the need for costly pest control services is reduced. Specialty fertilizers (e.g., lawn food, rose and flower food, vegetable food) are designed to only feed the plant and ignore soil fertility.

To achieve a fertile soil we must first determine what nutrients are in short supply or are out of balance. The soil pH must be examined to make sure it is within a desirable range (6.3-7.0 for most plants). The organic matter content must also be checked. Soil testing is the only effective method to determine the condition of your soil and achieve a fertile living soil that will be able to provide the best environment for your landscape and garden.

A much more effective method of soil testing is to send your soil to a testing laboratory for analysis. It is more expensive, but the additional information obtained is worthwhile. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and pH, the lab will test for items such as micro-nutrients, percentage of organic matter, cation exchange capacity, and others (e.g., testing for lead in vegetable gardens is often available). They will also make recommendations on how to correct any problems found.

Once we understand what your soil needs, your garden manager can then formulate a custom fertilizer blend for your garden or landscape. Utilizing these custom fertilizers will yield a fertile soil with abundant beneficial organisms that is capable of growing healthy, pest resistant plants on your property.

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Organic Solutions proudly provides services to both homeowners and commercial properties throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. Organic Solutions, Inc. was founded in Spring 2003 as a companion company to Bayles Garden Center & Nursery Inc, Port Washington. Organic Solutions is committed to providing complete, pesticide-free garden solutions, including organic lawn care and organic shrub and tree care. All Organic Solutions applications are people and pet safe. Organic Solutions at Bayles Garden Center and Nursery offers free site analysis and quotes. Our organic solutions include all natural organic spray programs, organic horticultural services, organic soil testing, compost tea brewed on premises, and myriad organic solutions including ladybugs, praying mantis and beneficial nematodes.

Bayles Garden Center & Nursery of Long Island is a full service garden center offering annuals, perennials, nursery stock as well as hard goods. We specialize in organic fertilization programs and controls. (Bayles is a True Value Home & Garden Showplace store).  Bayles Garden Center is also an authorized Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer for most major brands and services and we warranty everything that we sell.

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