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Do Organic programs cost more?
This is a common misconception.  Organic programs work with nature rather than destroying it. Oil-based fertilizers and pesticides (anything oil related) continue to skyrocket in price. Organic products in recent years are the bright spot of new Horticultural products being marketed and are increasingly more competitively priced. Do realize that an organically based program is not a ‘silver bullet’. It does require time to detoxify and rebuild soil biology. Our home brewed compost tea is a great tool that quickens this process. In the long run, once a soil is back to being near sustainable and healthy, grass, shrubs and trees are much better equipped to deal with environmental stresses that cause damage.

What’s all this Organic hype?
On a basic level, an Organic way to live your life is a very selfish one.  Organically raised food has much higher levels of fiber, minerals and vitamins than those raised on factory farms and shipped hundreds or thousands of miles away. Organically produced food tastes better. A home ‘Victory Garden’ teaches children about the cycles of nature. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a profound adage. MAL/EMPTY nutrition causes more health related issues than we realize. Growing your own encourages healthy eating habits
. An organically managed home landscape reduces salt, nitrogen, and phosphorus runoff into our precious Long Island waterways.

How do I find out more about Organics and available programs?

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What is the difference between Organic and synthetic fertilizers?

Synthetic fertilizers tend to be higher in nitrogen and usually have a high amount of salt in them. Soil biology doesn’t like salt. High nitrogen fertilizers can lead to fungal problems. Many chemical-based fertilizers are water soluble. If the plants in the landscape have their fill of nitrogen, excess (along with phosphorus and salts) go into the water table or into our waterways. Chemical/synthetic fertilizers and pesticides came onto the market after the world wars when chemical companies needed an outlet for nitrogen and phosphorus that were used in bombs. Organic practices actually have been going on forever. Over time, synthetic products destroy the soil food web that we talk about. Synthetics create a junkie out of our soil because they are dev
oid of biology. Organic fertilizers are more stable. Soil biology breaks down organic fertilizers and stores the minerals making them available to plants as they need them. This lessens leaching and is a key reason Organic fertilizers are preferable to oil/chemical based ones.

What is a Soil Web Ecosystem?
Healthy plants, like healthy people, are better able to fight off disease an
d insects. Plant health begins with soil that is well cared for and nourished. A plant that is able to feed itself from rich balanced soil builds strong cell walls that are able to repel insects. Healthy plants provide a habitat for beneficial insects which keep populations of pests very low. Through building this strong population of beneficials, aphid infestations are now met with a strong counter attack of ladybugs and green lace wings. Sometimes we can count hundreds of ladybugs on one plant. A healthy, happy ecosystem is filled with hummingbirds, dragonflys and birds, predatory wasps, and many more. What does this mean for your landscape? A healthy environment, the way nature intended.

What about Insects and Disease problems?

Truly Organic lawns and plants are by nature healthier because the soil is biologically balanced.  Insects and diseases prefer to attack plant material that is stressed. This is similar to what happens to people too. Synthetic pesticides are combating symptoms and do not address the cause of the problem. Many municipalities are beginning to ban pesticides outright. Merit (a Japanese Grub killer) has been taken off of the market on Long Island because it is being found in our ground water. Good cultural practices also make a big difference in an Organic program.

What about Cultural practices?

Cultural practices are a big part of an Organic program. Again we work with nature using common sense when doing Organics. Cutting the lawn at 21/2 to 3 inches is very important. Watering deeply (not at night) and less often helps develop deeper root systems. Leaving grass clippings lessens the need to fertilize. The clippings are mostly water and disappear quickly.

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Organic Solutions proudly provides services to both homeowners and commercial properties throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. Organic Solutions, Inc. was founded in Spring 2003 as a companion company to Bayles Garden Center & Nursery Inc, Port Washington. Organic Solutions is committed to providing complete, pesticide-free garden solutions, including organic lawn care and organic shrub and tree care. All Organic Solutions applications are people and pet safe. Organic Solutions at Bayles Garden Center and Nursery offers free site analysis and quotes. Our organic solutions include all natural organic spray programs, organic horticultural services, organic soil testing, compost tea brewed on premises, and myriad organic solutions including ladybugs, praying mantis and beneficial nematodes.

Bayles Garden Center & Nursery of Long Island is a full service garden center offering annuals, perennials, nursery stock as well as hard goods. We specialize in organic fertilization programs and controls. (Bayles is a True Value Home & Garden Showplace store).  Bayles Garden Center is also an authorized Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer for most major brands and services and we warranty everything that we sell.

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