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Make sure you get the information you need to build healthy, organic soil.

We offer an extensive line of organic fertilizer and organic pest control products and services which allows us to help you make healthy and successful choices for your gardens.



The arrival of Spring (FINALLY!) and April’s warming temperatures mean it’s time for an all-important Horticultural Oil Spray.  This organic spray proactively acts as a sufficant and kills many over-wintering insect eggs on ornamental trees and shrubs. This timely application can reduce the majority of insect pests.

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Site analysis and comprehensive soil testing
Soil samples are sent to a state of the art lab offering a total organic snapshot and analysis of your soil conditions. This is truly the first step in any horticultural care program, much like a blood test is used to help a doctor begin to identify areas of concern. Organics are much more than throwing random fertilizers and products at a lawn. It is a much more scientific approach. Soil Testing is the first building block of rebuilding a healthy soil food web.

Organic lawn care programs
Once the soil analysis is completed, a customized program is put in place to bring about the changes that will make your lawn thrive. Typically this includes 5 visits annually throughout the growing season. Key elements of this program include Compost Tea Sprays and lawn renovations in the fall. Some of the organic products used includes beneficial nematodes, milky spore bacteria, and mineral rock dust.  

Organic tree and shrub care programs
We begin with an on-site analysis of the current health of your trees and shrubs in order to design a unique program to help your landscape thrive organically. Horticultural oil sprays, compost tea sprays, and deep root feeding are all based on property-specific needs. Seasonal anti-dessicant sprays are also part of our organic tree and shrub care programs.

Horticultural services
A full array of horticultural services are available, including transplanting and trimming, foundation planting, perennial gardens, and home landscapes.


Retail store
Bayles Garden Center is a full retail Home and Garden True Value Center offering quality trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, tools, and power and garden equipment. 

Home maintenance programs
Maintenance programs include weekly lawn maintenance, seasonal trimming, pruning, and spring and fall cleanups.

Custom boxes and containers
Custom annual window boxes and seasonal containers can be made to order.


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Organic Solutions proudly provides services to both homeowners and commercial properties throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. Organic Solutions, Inc. was founded in Spring 2003 as a companion company to Bayles Garden Center & Nursery Inc, Port Washington. Organic Solutions is committed to providing complete, pesticide-free garden solutions, including organic lawn care and organic shrub and tree care. All Organic Solutions applications are people and pet safe. Organic Solutions at Bayles Garden Center and Nursery offers free site analysis and quotes. Our organic solutions include all natural organic spray programs, organic horticultural services, organic soil testing, compost tea brewed on premises, and myriad organic solutions including ladybugs, praying mantis and beneficial nematodes.

Bayles Garden Center & Nursery of Long Island is a full service garden center offering annuals, perennials, nursery stock as well as hard goods. We specialize in organic fertilization programs and controls. (Bayles is a True Value Home & Garden Showplace store).  Bayles Garden Center is also an authorized Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer for most major brands and services and we warranty everything that we sell.

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